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What is ECT (Edge Crush Test), and Why is it important ?

ECT, Edge Crush Test, is a measure of how resistant a corrugated box is to getting crushed from the weight of other boxes/freight that are on top of it. This is important to someone shipping a box because if your box is not sufficiently rated, it will not be insurable by many of the most common transporters (FedEx, UPS, DHL for example, but not including USPS, the Post Office).  These companies have established rules for packaging "goodness", and if your package doesn't meet their guidelines, they can and will decline to compensate you for delivering damaged products, even after accepting your payment for additional insurance value.  If you don't know their rules and don't meet them with your packages you won't normally be informed until after you file a claim, and the damaged package is examined as part of your claim.  Maybe what you are shipping is not so valuable, and replacing it is more cost effective than paying additional for packaging (boxes) that you ship a lot of.  You need to determine and decide if what you are shipping is unique and irreplaceable, or if a guaranteed, predictable delivery is more important than saving money on your packaging costs, but understanding that there will be complaints and replacements needed.  It really depends on what you are shipping, and how critical it is to your customers.

As a general rule/guideline, the package needs to have an ECT (edge crush test) rating of 32 pounds or "200 lbs test", minimum, to be insurable.  This information (in one form or the other) will usually appear on corrugated boxes that are sold for shipping purposes, but may not appear on other boxes, such as the inner box of a multi-pack carton.  So while it might seem that the many inner boxes inside a multi-pack carton can be re-used for shipping small products, the boxes may in fact not be rated as strong enough to be insurable. You will need to check on this to decide if the boxes you are considering using are insurable and reasonable for your purposes. Also make sure that you don't cover over the box certification stamp with paper tape, clear plastic tape is fine. 

Please note that our Inventory List   always shows the strength of the boxes that we sell for shipping purposes, to help you decide if that box is acceptable !
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